Heating System Tune Up

Heating System Tune Up

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Heating System 16 Point Tune Up by our Local, Licensed and Insured Contractor


Heating System 16 Point Tuneup

1. Check heat exchanger for breaches or cracks

2. Test for gas leaks

3. Test ignition system for proper operation

4. Test all safety devices for proper operation

5. Inspect duct system for leakage

6. Measure temperature rise across furnace (very important for longevity of furnace)

7. Adjust gas pressure if needed. (over firing furnaces burn up heat exchanger and shorten the life of a furnace)

8. Check blower assembly for proper operation

9. Check induced draft motor and pressure for debris and proper operation

10. Clean burner compartment if needed

11. Check static pressure

12. Check filters and replace (provided by customer)

13. Check thermostat for proper operation

14. Ensure no combustibles are located around furnace (combustibles can cause fires)

15. Check and adjust pilot light if needed

16. Check rerun air chases for leakage 



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