AC System Tune Up

AC System Tune Up

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Essential 16 Point Tune Up from a Local, Licensed and Insured HVAC Contractor

AC System 16 Point Tune Up

1. Check Freon levels and type of Freon

2. Check amperage and operation of all motors

3. Check electrical connections and working operation

4. Lubricate motors if needed

5. Rinse condenser coil

6. Inspect evaporator coil for cleaning if accessible (extra charge for cleaning)

7. Check capacitors for correct readings (capacitors are the most changed part in an HVAC system)

8. Check Temperature differential across coil

9. Leak check evaporator coils

10. Visual inspect ductwork for leaks

11. Check thermostat for proper operation

12. Check compressor for proper operation and amperage

13. Check all safety devices for proper operation

14. Inspect disconnect box for proper operation ( there are brands that fail and can cause issues)

15. Check drains lines and clean if needed

16. Check return air chase for air leaks



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