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Back in 2015, I decided to sell the house I had lived in for over ten years.  We met with a realtor and received a list of things that needed to be completed prior to selling the house.  I did not expect the list to be so long.   The list covered landscaping, flooring, painting, sheetrock repair, electrical services, plumbing, bathroom remodeling, pool maintenance, and eventually roofing.  Meeting contractors for quotes, follow ups and the actual work was difficult with my busy work schedule.  Finally, how did I know that I was getting a good deal? How did I know I was getting value?  Reviewing pricing, schedule, and contractor competency needed to be easier.  Even with my over 15 years experience in supply chain this list was hard to complete. 

For contractors, it seems like the process of finding customers is getting harder and more expensive.  Many of the platforms charge contractors exorbitant monthly fees just to list their company information.  Many of those same platforms charge contractors for each lead that has a low closure rate as many of the customers are just looking for a price. Digital and Print Advertising rates are going up and the performance does not always yield customers.  In the end the customers end up paying for all of the listing fees, advertising fees, and lead fees.  

I knew there was a better way.  In late 2016, we developed FixScape, an online platform to help customers find contractors.  Our goal is to Make Home Repairs Simple.  We offer customers pre-priced services, free consultations, and the ability to bundle recurring services like lawn maintenance, cleaning services, pool maintenance and so on.  All services are provided by pre-screened local contractors.  Our contractors receive ready to purchase customers without the recurring monthly fees and/or leads fees.  Our platform uses technology to create a hassle-free experience that will save time and money for both the customer and the contractor.


Sean Middleton

Founder of FixScape



78 S Plum Crest Circle

The Woodlands, TX 77382



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